About Us

XR3D Studios specializes in producing Photo-Realistic 3D Architectural Renderings and Animated Virtual Tour Video for Real Estate Marketing and New Construction Presentation. After nearly 20 years, we’ve completed over 20,000 renderings for our clients which include Homebuilders, Realtors, Architects, and Real Estate Developers.

Specializing in Residential & Commercial Renderings and Animation

3D Architectural Renderings

We have extensive experience in creating exterior and interior visualization for all types of commercial and residential architectural projects including schools, churches and hospitals, single and multi-family housing, mixed use, retail and a whole multitude of other projects.  We work with clients all over the world and make coordinating over the phone and online simple and convenient.  We’re always available to help!

We’ve specialized in 3D Rendering and Animation for nearly 20 years and we know how to make the process easy for YOU.  We understand the intricacies of architecture and real estate marketing—and we are experts in the art of PRESENTATION.  We are artists as well as technicians, and with our experience we know what it takes to make your project sell.

What Sets Us Apart?

We KNOW your business—and we understand what SELLS. We will take your plans and ideas and create a dynamic presentation piece that will best showcase your project. With nearly 20 years of experience, we know what you're looking for. We'll listen to your needs and produce the best product for you quickly and painlessly. We know how to make this process easy on YOU.