Residential Exteriors

Selling a home that hasn’t been built or getting an HOA or city planning department to approve a design can be made easier with residential exterior renderings. An exterior street-level perspective rendering is the most common, however there are no limitations on the kinds of views that can be rendered.

Getting Started

It is helpful to get an idea of the scope of your residential exterior renderings project in advance so that we can consult with you on options and provide you with the best product for your needs.  It is best if you can provide us standard 2D Architectural Plans and Elevations in CAD or PDF format (AutoCAD format is preferred).  Please indicate desired views and specify any important details such as colors, materials, finishes, fixtures, etc.   We will try to match your finishes as closely as possible based on the information you provide.

Available Perspectives

While the most commonly requested view is a daytime exterior front perspective view, our ability is only limited by your imagination.  Among other things, we can produce:

Night Views

We can also provide an evening lighting or “Twilight” style residential exterior rendering, which creates a romantic look and glamorizes your project.

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