Architectural Animation

Architectural Animation is a popular way to show off new Architecture for Real Estate Marketing and Design Presentation. We specialize in producing Animated Virtual Tour Video which showcases any new construction project with fully edited sequences professionally timed to music, captions and additional stock footage if desired, for a complete 'ready-to-play' presentation. The Final product is an High Definition video, playable with most standard media players, which can also be uploaded to the internet on sites like YouTube, and/or embedded on your own website.

Getting Started

We will consult with you to get an idea of the scope of your project. We will discuss views, areas, perspectives, audience, and intent. We will storyboard the video, and create content and sequences to be timed with the music to create the most powerful impact.

It is best if you can provide us standard 2D Architectural Plans and Elevations in CAD or PDF format (AutoCAD format is preferred). Please indicate desired views and specify any important details such as colors, materials, finishes, fixtures, etc.

You can be as specific or as vague as you would like. We will try to match what you give us, and fill in the blanks for the rest. You can send material lists, color boards, spec sheets, names of manufacturer brands and products, or simply send us examples such as photos of similar existing interiors you would like us to match. We will try to match your finishes as closely as possible based on the information you provide.

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